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Hire validated Java, Node, .NET, Swift, Kotlin, React, Python, Angular, React Native, Rails, Golang, DevOps, Data Analytics specialists, and more.

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Work with International Companies

Most companies in the US, Canada and Europe are searching for qualified Developers.

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Get well paid and aquire relevant international experience by working with the best teams. 

Build Your Tech Profile

Let clients know what you can do and get insights of your performance in software teams.

Data Driven Recruitment

Our mission is to make companies act more efficiently by taking staffing decicions based on data. Our methodology saves the management team an average of 40% in ours spent in attracting, analyzing, interviewing and offer negotiation. Click below and get started saving time and budget.

We Make it Easy for You to Hire Remote  Software Engineers

Hire qualified talent in Brazil ready to work in your timezone and add real value to your product or projects globally.


Our Services


Grow your Technology Team


HOOP professional recruitment team helps fast-paced businesses that depend on growing to deliver the best products and services.  Here at Hoop we will perform the atraction, analysis, selection and the introduce you technology professionals that will complete your tech family.


HOOP Resources on Demand


We hire, you enjoy. Our outsourcing team of technology specialists can add value to your products fast. You can count on our Rockstars such as Fullstack Developers, Backend Engineers, Data Science and BI Analysts, Mobile Developers, SAP and Salesforce Consultants.


Find the Best Leaders


Our Executive Search Solution helps CEOs and CIOs in identifying the right talent that can lead teams to greatness. We contantly network with Technology Leaders from startups, fintechs, and multinationals from all types of industries, so we can deliver the best talent.


Plug’n Play a Delivery Team


Our software house option for on-demand innovative projects. Sit back and relax that our squad of geeks will create and deliver you a software masterpiece. We can help you all aspects of planning and execution of the new product or service you want to lauch.

We’ve Got You Covered


Frontend & Backend Software
Development Specialists


Angular, React, Vue Developers
and more


Java, Node, .NET, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB Engineers 


Swift iOS, Kotlin Android, Flutter, Ionic Developers 


Data Science and Business Intelligence Analysts


Azure, Google Cloud, Docker Software Architects


SAP and Salesforce Analysts for global implementations.


SCRUM, Kanban, Agile
Product Owners & Project Managers